Player of the Season awards and especially votes aren’t really rational, are they? Most of them are voted shortly before the end of the season which has two big and bad impacts on the result: the beginning of the season is far behind and, so, the first games forgotten, and the last games haven’t even been played – how can you elect a player of a whole season if you don’t take the whole season in consideration? That question has haunted me for years now – so I’ve decided to change that and name my own season’s best.

At the start, it was just me and my dad, who love statistics, and Chelsea, and who decided to rank players after each game to form a consolidated ranking of the squad once the season had ended. We started it last season, giving away points every weekend, encoding them in an Excel document full of functions. We realized that the results at the end of the season were pretty accurate and the process throughout the season kind of fun.

In case you’re wondering, here’s our top 5 of 2017/18. Some positions, like Willian at #3 for example, show that the voting rules weren’t quite the best (they’ll be changed).

As you can see above, a few days after our FA Cup triumph over Manchester United, I tweeted our end ranking – and it got a decent lot of attention. Enough for me to want to make it a thing. So here we are now, making it a reality.

So, since last May, I’ve been working on the project; looking for new voting rules, a platform (new account and website to publish reports) and, most importantly (for me at least), getting a representative logo and a main design ready.



My dad and I, as the creators of the award will, of course, continue voting, but we will be joined by a panel that, I believe, represents the Chelsea fanbase quite well and knows football. So far, the people (named by Twitter @s) on board are @AlexGoldberg_, @ChelseaActivity, @cobhamblues, @FlicksLikeEden, @LavCFC, @Louis_Beneventi and @SiPhillipsSport. In addition to that, one of the followers will be picked each week to represent the fans as the panel’s tenth voter.


After each game (of Premier League, FA Cup, League Cup, Community Shield and, ugh, Europa League), each of the voters will have to submit their vote following a simple rule.

A total of 10 points to give away (per voter) and to be distributed between the players (who, of course, played at least one second) with a limit of maximum of 5 points per player. And, obviously, the better the player’s performance in the voter’s eyes, the more points he will be given by the voter.

If, for some reason, one of the voters wasn’t able to submit a vote, my (@batsflip’s) vote would be counted twice. And, if I wasn’t either, then my dad’s.


A brand-new Twitter account – @POTSFLIP – has been created for the project. Updates will be posted on there and not on my personal one (although, I’ll retweet most of them) so go follow it right now if you don’t want to miss a thing.

After each game, each of the voters’ points will be tweeted with a short opinion/explanation. Each month, a Player of the Month will be announced based on the monthly votes. And, finally, at the end of the season, the batsflip Player of the Season will be named – based on the consolidated ranking, of course.

POTM and POTS announcements will, most probably, be joined by a small (or longer) article. Articles will, just liked this one, be posted on @FlicksLikeEden’s website (@FLE_com on Twitter).


Now, that’s all you need to know (for now at least). Make sure to share and interact throughout the whole process – it may sound like the voters have been awarded the main role, but this project can’t work without you. Let’s get this exciting journey started.

Up the Chels!


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