Can We Start To Dream?

After a solid win vs Tunisia, England continued with a 6-1 win vs Panama, a controlled but attacking display, the goal scorers were Harry Kane (3) Jesse Lingard and John stones grabbed 2 goals, down below is my thoughts.

My Thoughts on the game? Well everyone knew what type of side Panama were before the game, a very physical, could even say dirty side, not known as one of the best sides, England took advantage, we attacked Panama and it was 5-0 at halftime, Harry Kane with 2 penalties, demonstrating the dirty side of Panama, constantly hacking down our players, it must have been hard for the boys, but we continued to out class them.

The 2nd half was more controlled with a lot of ball possession, Vardy got a run out but didn’t do much As by that point we just wanted to reserve the energy due to the 30 degree heat, and keep it controlled, Panama are lucky we did drop off in the second half, otherwise it could’ve ended out 8-0 or 9-0!

Unfortunately, we lost concentration and Panama scored, something we need to work on later in the tournament, we need to keep more clean sheets.

My standout performers were Jesse Lingard and Harry Kane, both very good.

Overall a great game and I definitely think we can start to dream if we keep this up, we must remember our tournament records and we can easily mess up, but this seems a team with a new character, a new attacking system and a new type of football, enjoyment is high and the fans are brilliant too, let’s hope we can keep this up and I’m sure that England will be doing very well in this tournament.

By Maurizology


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