Daniele Rugani – The Right Man For Chelsea

Many Reports recently are stating Chelsea are close to signing Rugani from Juventus, a young CB who has impressed for Juventus.

So is he right for Chelsea? What does he play like? And is he better than what we’ve got?

First of all, I believe Rugani would be a great addition, still young at 23, he has a lot of room for growth, he would be fantastic with Rudiger or Christensen, and they would complement each other very well, Rugani is quick, has a decent pass and loves to command and bring the ball out from the back, he is known for great blocks and tidy interceptions.

So is he better than what we’ve got? Well I’d certainly say he’s better than Cahill, however I still believe Luiz, Christensen and Rudiger are better, even so, Sarri has wanted Rugani for along time and I could see this deal happening, if it does you know what to expect, a bright future.

My personal opinion would be to save some money and just use what we have, Zouma, I’m sure Sarri would like him, he’s pacy, strong and quick with a great tackle on him, but I feel like Zouma doesn’t have a future, as sad as that is for me to take being a long time admirer of him.

By Mauriziology


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