The Problems At Chelsea

It is clear that although the press and the media may say otherwise, there are many problems throughout the whole of the club, from the board to the players to the manager to the owner, to everything! The philosophy of how Chelsea FC runs has been debated about and is certainly different to many other clubs- Chelsea runs more like a business rather than a football club, and in my opinion this is where it first needs to be changed.


Chelsea’s new sponsorships and links confirm that we are trying to make money as a club rather than trying to improve on the pitch (which is our second priority). Our recent sponsorship with Hyundai shows us that we are trying to spread the club all around the world, especially in Asia in countries like China and India. Chelsea have seen how big of a club Manchester United has been (by trying to spread their club all around the world) and are following their steps. Whereas, fans would much rather appreciate us putting more effort into the pitch, into the players and into the transfer market.

Many people have questioned our owner recently, especially after there have been many issues with him recently. But in my opinion, we have to stick by Roman Abramovich as he has done so much for the club, and he is still investing money into the club, but it’s just that our board are not using it very well, or in some cases being way too picky about the money. Recently, Roman Abramovich was unable to get a visa to England and more surprisingly stopped current plans for our new stadium. This can either be seen in two ways: he wants to save money for ‘something’ which we don’t know of, or it is just because he does not want to help the UK government after them not granting him a citizenship. To summarise, Roman Abramovich still loves the club but it’s the board which are creating more of the problems.

The board normally consists of two very important people, the director of football and the ‘negotiator’. Currently, we have one woman doing both jobs at once, Marina Granovskaia. Many were very happy when Michael Emenalo had announced that he was leaving the club, but in-fact it has turned out to be a real disaster. With roughly only 70 days to go till the new season, including the World Cup, the fact that we do not have a director of football in a very important transfer window (as we need to improve massively to catch up with other Premier League Clubs) is worrying. We currently have our negotiator who has very little knowledge of football dealing with transfers of players, one of Chelsea F.C most important factors, especially as we don’t use the Youth to as much as we should do. This really stood out to me when we bough Barkley for very cheap, and doesn’t look good enough to play in our starting XI, so we probably will sell him for profit later on in the future. In summary, we need to appoint a director of football as soon as possible and sort out this transfer window.

Before we talk about the manager, we need to talk about the philosophy of the club and how badly it is being run at the moment, especially our amazing youth. Chelsea arguably have one of the best youth systems in the world, with many class players being produced through the academy. However, 99% of the time, they will be sent out on loan for at least two years, and the player gets fed up of not getting their chances, and leave the club disappointed with their game time at Chelsea. But Andreas Christensen is a great example of our academy and how our loan system works, it’s just that more players need to be given a chance and not necessarily need to be loaned out to gain experience.

The Manager. The current philosophy in Chelsea FC is to get a brilliant manager and he will most likely win something big in his first season, then the board think that because he is good he won’t need any more help, not back him up more in the transfer window, issues start to be created from day one and managers start to get unhappy, and then they leave after two years. This philosophy is absolutely terrible for the players and the fans, as we want to see stability in the club, and the players can’t thrive with their best if they have to adapt to new tactics every two seasons. We need to find a manager who is willing to stay at the club for many years, who will deal with what they have, even if it takes a risk in the first season to try and develop a stable squad.

Lastly, the players. The players need to understand that they are playing for one of the best clubs in the world, and need to respect the badge and be ‘fit enough to wear the shirt’. Players need to stop talking about other clubs, as all it does is bring new rumours and other players may start to think differently about you.

Basically, there are many problems at the moment with Chelsea Football Club, and many things have to change.

Written by @acparee


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