Cesc Fabregas- A season of underserved hate

There are so many Chelsea fans who want Cesc Fabregas out of the club just for the fact that he has lost his pace, which has led to him being labeled as a defensive liability, if you ask me those bunch are clueless. Andrea Pirlo for example never really relied on pace, he still had one of the best careers. Cesc has never relied on pace and it has always been that pass, the pass which makes the difference and which can win you games on any day of the week.

Is the Hate and Criticism Fair or is he really finished?

No, The system and the style of play he is playing under Antonio Conte is far different to the one has played in his whole career be it the La Masia, Arsenal or Barcelona, it has always been the attacking football which has influenced him in his 15 year old football career.

Now he is playing under a completely different Manager who just wants to grind a result and you can’t say he’s been poor this season as a whole. if you look at the stats it has been impressive for a player playing under an ultra defensive manager, he has made 1848 Passes with a completion of 85%, he has Created the most chances for Chelsea in the League and in all competition yet he has only been able to get just a mere 4 assists to his name out of the 84 chances he has created (13 of them are Big Chances Created) which leads to the question of his teammates letting him down, Yes in a way the strikers have let him down big time especially the man named Alvaro Morata who has struggled to link with one of the finest plamakers the game has ever seen. As Cesc Fabregas himself says: “Football these days, you’re the hero one day and the villain the other” which has been the case for him this season. He was racking up assists last season, he was the hero and the assists have dried up this season mainly because of his teammates failing to deliver and he’s become the villain to so many Chelsea fans.

There’s a myth of him being a defensive liability, to an extent yes he has been or he is but that doesn’t take away his contribution defensively, he has made the third most tackles (43) out of all Chelsea players only Ngolo Kante (71) and Cesar Azpilicueta (56) have made more. Surprisingly Ngolo Kante’s former midfield Partner Nemaja Matic has made the same amount of Tackles as Cesc Fabregas which makes the criticism not fair and he has done it despite the lack of pace. The only thing in my opinion in which Cesc is a liability is when Chelsea are on the counter.

Cesc Fabregas still has so much to offer to Chelsea but under an attacking manager, as it stands his future at Chelsea remains a doubt but can be a vital cog for Chelsea next season under a manager like Maurizio Sarri or can be for another club with another extra midfielder to make up for his lack of Pace.


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